Friday, December 14

Someone to watch over me

Atlas is a bronze statue in front of Rockeller Center in New York City on Fifth Avenue.
The sculpture depicts the Ancient Greek Titan Atlas holding the heavens. It was created by sculptor Lee Lawrie with the help of Rene Paul Chambellan and it was installed in 1937.
Atlas is in the Art Deco style of Rockefeller Center.
The entire statue is 45 feet tall, as high as a four-story building. It weighs seven tons,and is the largest sculpture at Rockefeller Center.

I worked in Rockeller Center in" Atlas's" building, and my office was directly
across from Atlas -we were eye to eye.
I stared at him all day and from the corner of his eye he stared back -
i  felt protected by him.
To get through the doors to my office you had to pass by Atlas and even though he was made of bronze and did not move he made me feel like no one could harm me.

It has been awhile since i worked there but i always go back and visit to say hello.

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