Saturday, February 16

Me, myself and Rhode Island

It might be the smallest state in the U.S.A but little Rhode Island is a state that plays a BIG role in my life.

First, in an all girls school in Newport and then in Providence, designing and working in one of the famous jewelry factories of Rhode Island.

I started working in a Woonasquatucket factory supervising a production of
crystal buttons for Yves Saint Laurent Beaute -where i worked at the time.
It took me forever to actually learn how to spell Woonasquatucket
and i had a cheat sheet with the city name on it for the Fed-Ex driver.
The button project lingered and i had alot of time on my hands in the factory.
I asked if i could make design and make something while i was waiting.
They ask if i knew anything about making jewelry and i said "No".
I sketched some pieces and worked with a model maker to make what became
my first collection. 
I truly believe that things work out better when you do not know what
you are getting into- your more open and willing to make mistakes.
That month my line was born and i went from VP of Creative to Designer/Owner
of Roberta Chiarella,Inc.

In 2012- I was asked by the Acessories Council in NYC to join a group of Designers
called" USA Made".
I am so proud of my work and the amazing people that i work with-
I was thrilled to participate.
It brought me back to my companies roots and mission-
Designed in NYC and Made in the U.S.A.

Fashion week has now ended in New York and my work begins.
This week i will start creating jewels to work with the collections that just
walked down the runways.
My Fall 2013 collection will be born in NYC and made entirely in Rhode Island.

So once again,i am back near the Woonasquatucket River in Onlyville digging through boxes of vintage beads and crystals.It is a great place to be.

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