Wednesday, July 17

lights, camera,action

I love my job - all aspects of it.
The best part in the past few years has been putting my graphic designer hat back on.
Graphic design is my first love and even though i have been a jewelry designer for a long time i still think of myself as a graphic designer first.
Working on the website Robertachiarella.Com i get to shoot pictures-do photoshop and layouts all day-i am a happy girl.
This week i had to design an email for our weekly promotion  and i have to say i could not think of anything.
The necklace was great but it needed a model -so people can see how pretty it looks on.
with my deadline approaching-i grabbed the necklaces and went downstairs to look for a neighbor to "model" it for me.
I put the necklace on and snapped a selfie in the elevator so i could show how to wear it.
When i got downstairs i looked at the pic and to my surprise a new career was born-lol.
Here i am in the downtown town necklace-it's great and this week it's free!

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