Tuesday, August 20

see you in september

There are a lot of different memories in a girl's life but there is one that almost every girl can share -
the joy of waiting in August for " the back to school issue of Seventeen Magazine"- the size of it,
the clothes, the stuff!! -all the things mom will not buy you!

Fast forward to this grown up girl -the thrill is still here but now it is "The September Issue".

The holy grail of magazines- weighing in at 5 pounds of glossy pages and glamour.
So important in the fashion world that a film documenting the making of the Vogue September 2007 issue was made.

This year I am experiencing the thrill again but in a very different way- my designs are featured in three September Issues- InStyle, People Style Watch and Seventeen
(YES Seventeen-back to school issue!)

No matter how long I have been designing I will always be overwhelmed with seeing my works in print.
It is the most exciting part on my job and very surreal-
it brings tears to my eyes sometimes.

As a kid waiting for the back to school issue to come-I would have ever believed that someday my work and name would be part of the September issue.

A dream come true-Wow!

Not bad for this girl from queens

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